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Come Together… right now!


MusicClubz provides the concept and tools to bring music lovers together

We have lost the fun and social interaction of discovering and recommending music to friends (and anyone who will listen!)

Algorithms feed us back music based on our existing likes and pattern.

Who will challenge us, and expand our palette with new discoveries?
Hey… have you heard this?

Revive the excitement of music as a communal, shared experience, and expand your knowledge of one of the great artforms.

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Why don’t we get together?

(Timmy Thomas)

Create your MusicClub comprising friends and soon to be friends in your work, neighbourhood, or whatever (see below)

Each month (or as you decide) Members take turns in recommending music for all to listen to.

No limit on genre, open minds a must!

A Listening List is circulated with at least 3 albums from members recommendations, to give everyone a choice to listen to 1 or more.

Albums… Preferably your pick would be an album, a classic of their type, or personal favourite, or topical/newsworthy… not necessarily recent releases, or

Take 5… OK so you might like a particular artist, but don’t quite feel one album catches it.. pick 5 tracks in a mini playlist.

Recommenders should provide 100 -125 words of wit, insight, and enthusiasm to explain/sell/justify their choice to fellow members!!

The music is discussed and critiqued at the next MusicClub meet.

And then decide on a new Listening List!

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